WTS Unit

If you are an owner, manufacturer or developer of an innovative environmental technology or a legal representative of thereof, take advantage of a new marketing tool - EU ETV.

The EU Environmental Technology Verification pilot programme (EU ETV) is aimed to help innovative eco-technologies reach the markets by providing third-party verification of their performance. EU ETV supports and promotes innovative enterprises, especially SMEs and increases their national and international reputation. The Statement of Verification which is the result of the verification, provides an independent, credible and scientifically sound confirmation of the technology’s performance and the benefits it provides for the environment. Statements of Verification are published on the European Commission website and are recognized in the European Union.

The WTS Unit at the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (IOS-PIB) has been accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation as a Verification Body in the EU ETV Pilot Programme and delivers the ETV Statements of Verification.

Environmental Technology Verification is a voluntary system, which enables commercialization and brining innovative environmental technologies to the market.