The innovative environmental technologies could play a significant role in addressing many significant environmental challenges, however many claver new ideas are not taken up simply because they are new and untried. Usually performance of innovative technology claimed by the manufacturer is not enough for investors and customers.

EU ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) is voluntary system aimed to help innovative eco-technologies reach the markets by providing third-party verification of their performance.

EU ETV provides an independent, credible and scientifically sound confirmation that the technology perform as it is claimed by the proposer.

The ETV is neither a label nor a certification scheme as it is not limited by any pre-defined technical specifications or standards.





Technology proposed for verification should meet the following criteria:

It should:

  • be ready for the market or already on the market;
  • show a sufficient level of technological innovation in comparison with alternative technologies;
  • meet user needs in terms of functionality ;
  • perform in line with legal requirements;
  • present an environmental added value;
  • fall within the scope of the EU ETV pilot programme technology areas, as provided below:

1. Water treatment and monitoring (monitoring of water quality, treatment of drinking water and of waste water)

2. Materials, waste and resources (separation and sorting of solid waste, recycling of materials, end-of-life products and chemicals, products from biomass)

3. Energy technologies (renewable sources of energy, energy from waste, energy efficiency technologies)




The end product of the verification is verification report and the Statement of Verification. The Statement of Verification is a summary of the verification, which includes: a summary description of the technology its purpose and conditions of use, the verified claim related to performance parameters, the test design and operation conditions, the test results. The proposer may use the Statement of Verification for marketing purposes and for official approvals. Verified technologies are published by the European Commission services (website) and are included in other ETV outreach materials.





  • ETV confirms the innovative features of the verified technology;

  • Increases the competitiveness on the market, especially if the efficiency of the solution and obtained the environmental effect is greater than the applicable standards or regulations;

  • ETV eliminates the need for repetition testing in order to demonstrate innovative features of the technology;

  • ETV program ensures that the technology is visible in the market and is reliable;

  • ETV program increases the credibility of SMEs which develop innovative environmental technologies.